Fox West Chamber of Commerce

A community begins with a location, but it doesn’t end there; a “community” is much more than just geography. A community is people…people living, people working, people buying, people selling, people teaching, people learning, and people retiring after their life’s work to enjoy the fruits of their labor. A community must be nourished and kept vital if it is to realize its fullest potential. That is part of what our Chamber of Commerce does.

The Fox West Chamber of Commerce is committed to improving a greater “sense of community” in the Fox West Area. Our objective is to strengthen the civic, cultural, recreational, and educational choices for everyone in the community. We actively seek the expansion of business and industry to strengthen the economic choice of employment for you and your family. We actively seek improvements in the Fox West Area to provide a better place for you to live and work.

We think that the Fox West Area offers great communities and we want to keep it that way. Please join us in our quest for progress!